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Q- I have a small property, will you cut my lawn or help with other landscaping services?
A- Yes.

Q- How affordable are your services?
A- Probably more affordable than you think. See our testimonials. Just call us. Estimates are quick and easy. And of course there is never any obligation.

Q- Do you do large properties?
A- Yes. We have equipment and crew to scale up or down to the task at hand.

Q- My lawn looks really bad - can you help?
A- Besides just expertly cutting grass we often help property owners “renovate” or “replace” their lawns. Over-seeding, Reseeding or Sodding, we can help. Or perhaps you just need some guidance on watering and fertilizing. Or maybe your lawn just needs a good thatching or aerating to let water and nutrients get to the grass roots so they can grow properly. Give us a call, we will take a look and tell you what we see.

Q- I know I want to change the look of my property with some landscaping but I am at a total loss of imagination as to what to do. Can you help?
A- Yes! Call us and we can take a look, discuss your options and give you some ideas to consider.

Q- How expensive is “Landscaping”?
A- It may not be expensive at all or you can go full bore sky’s the limit, and everything in between. Often times a property just needs the basics taken care of like edging, mulching, maybe decorative stone or some combination thereof to give it some “pop”.  That’s pretty affordable. Larger scale projects of course take more time and material and design effort and are priced accordingly. Call us and we can discuss the range of options and answer your “what if” questions and give you an idea of what will cost what.

Q- I noticed that since you have been cutting our lawn it just looks better and more healthy. Why is that? I’m still doing my own fertilizing and watering all the same. Your just cutting my grass.
A- It’s the equipment and our expertise. We use very specialized grass cutting machines that are simply out of reach for most home owners. These machines have multiple high speed blades that are very sharp and of high quality. In addition the machines weight (and that of the operator) is balanced in such a way as the first thing to hit the grass are the blades, followed by the machines wheels. This simple but significant difference between commercial and residential equipment makes a huge difference in that there is so much less stress and shock to the grass when cut. We also change the direction of our cutting paths and track of the machines. The grass just likes it better.

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